Cyber Monday

As a retailer who strives to balance our ethos with our business, we choose to give back this holiday season as we feel this keeps the generosity of our clients close at heart. We have long been an advocate and supporter of the Mockingbird Society, a worthy cause that provides support for healthy foster care, youth homelessness and activism for children's rights.

Reflecting on her own experience in foster care, Sarah our Director of Ecommerce, confirms the importance of the Mockingbird Society.
“What is really important about Mockingbird Society is that they offer an advocate for the children within the system to have a voice, giving them the comfort and knowledge that someone is on their side. As a foster child you are at the will of the new foster family and in many positions you don’t have the chance to have a say. Mockingbird works to give children and young adults a voice and other resources, helping clients be protected and seek services as they reach the age of legal independence.”

We honor those in need on Cyber Monday with 15% of sales going to the Mockingbird Society serving children in foster care.  

Please read more about the Mockingbird Society here: