Hello Baby!

To honor our long-held tradition of the unique and unknown, we have created an incredible Designer Residency series that launched last month with The Office of Angela Scott, an LA-based shoe collection.

We will kick off these monthly events with a designer Happy Hour to bring together our customers, friends, and neighbors to meet and greet these talented artists. We invite you to see, feel, and touch the products they make with their unique artistry and creative vision.

Each Designer Residency will feature a full collection Shop-in-Shop, to give you the experience of their ethos and passion.

Here’s what’s happening.

November 8th - We kick off our second Designer Residency: We will host a full capsule of LA-based Jaga by Jaga Buyan. Her work is a mix of Tribal Bespoke with a dose of Romantic LA rocker. Each piece is hand-painted and cut for the shape of a women’s whole body. Exotic, sexy, and wearable.


view her collection

This residency is the month of November only.

In addition - (Just to keep things fun and festive) we will be hosting three incredible Trunk Show collections:


November the 9th & 10th only:

Jewelry Designer: Leslie Paige


CBD Alchemist and Botanical Wizard:

Blair Lauren Brown with her CBD Spa collection Verté Essentials


Artist, painter, and performer:

Lady Krishna (Natasha Shulman). Natasha will be selling her one of a kind paintings and artwork out of our Boudoir Gallery Space for the entire month of November.


I hope you can find some time to come say hello, shop, and tell us what you’ve been up to lately.




Please note: We take your parking or Uber fare off your bill. Feel free to use the concierge service at the Thompson Hotel or use the Garage on 2nd Ave between Virginia & Lenora.