with La Prestic Ouiston

An oyster farmer on her family’s land in the northwest of France and an incredibly talented clothing designer, Laurence Mahéo, the visionary behind La Prestic Ouiston, is the epitome of adventurous.

“I believe in sustainable fashion, not disposable. I use materials that allow my clothes to age well. With oyster farming, it is the same. I have preserved the oyster heritage of my paternal family to transmit perhaps later in my life. I want exceptional fabrics and exceptional oysters.”

- Mahéo

A designer driven by freedom of expression, each new collection proves that the rule “less is more” doesn’t always apply. Mahéo is incredibly diverse in her designs and in her life as a farmer/designer.

“With the city on one side, and nature on the other, I go from the capital to a place where I can hear the branches of the trees cracking.”

- Mahéo

The combination of silk textiles and playful prints create a collection designed for those who dare to diverge.

Quotes are from Laurence Mahéo's interview with ChEEk Magazine

Model: Autumn Johnson | Heffner Management