Codes of Composition: Inspired Layering

Inspired Layering

Composition offers a poetic logic for our visual panorama. In the same breath, it relies equally on the ancient principles of formalism extending into mathematics. On the runway, designers infamously layer piece upon piece and pile on finishing notes with a certain madness. They abide to the highest standards of enigmatic composure. Fashion shows have become realized reveries with a rigorous attention to detail. It is our voyeuristic moment to seize and gather a novel’s worth of inspiration.

Inspired Layering

Layering serves to explain the kaleidoscope of influences that inform designers. We translated their energized ideas into ensembles that echo the same sensibilities while functioning more true to life. Layering unexpected pieces and using the same garment in multiple ways creates the freedom to approach dressing with a more natural instinct while maintaining hints of offhanded drama.

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Words by Brit Parks

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