Baby & Company’s Annual Closet Sale — More than a Great Deal

As socially and environmentally aware Seattleites, we are are vividly familiar with recycling initiatives and programs. It’s an important part of our lifestyle, and we embrace the responsibilities placed on us. 

On average, Americans throw away 68 pounds of clothing a year, per person. Many of these garments are reusable, and are simply discarded by means of ease. Baby & Company’s Closet Sale was born for the purpose of making things easier. Instead of throwing out reusable garments, Jill and her friends opened up their closets and their schedules to arrange one fantastic sale. The goals were simple: reduce your closet, shop to reuse beautiful garments, and repurpose for the better of our community, with 10% of the proceeds donated to the Mockingbird Society. 

During the seven years of Closet Sale, we have raised over $65,000.00 for Mockingbird Society. With these funds, Mockingbird Society has been able to sponsor life-changing laws for youth in foster care become a reality in Washington state. These initiatives, along with many others, have helped homeless youth get off the streets, as well as youth in foster care and their families, all the while striving to end youth homelessness, forever. 

This is why our Closet Sale matters. It is not only an opportunity to discover great deals on designer clothing, but also to offer an opportunity for investment; for our closets and our community. 

Every purchase makes a difference. 

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