Yestadt Millinary: Casual Crowns

A tilt, a turn, a straw-felt longing. Resting, lilting a light-weighted grace. Something not needed, but added for utter whim. Her violet heels click on the bridge and her only movement is a languid arm spun upward to hold her brim down upon her stoic head. She lies sunning with her thoughts guarded from broad heat and broad affection by a wide fedora in a wicker effort.

Yestadt Milinary Hats 

With a love of true millinery makings, Yestadt Millinery was begun by Molly Yestadt and childhood friend Jane Pincus. They seek out the finest materials available; they bend and mold them into modern marvels that sit on your head with subtle height and overwhelming beauty. Wearable, easily folded and tucked into your carry alls, their hats will be still you with added spirit and necessary cover.

Photography/Art Direction Christina Hicks
Styling Kimberly Douglass
Words by Brit Parks
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