The impulse for menswear designers to imbue dreamwork into classical codes has taken on the momentum of a bullet train. We see houses employing silent gestures that speak to our inner language. Suiting has returned to bespoke standards of making while engaging fabrics that feel like a second skin with the fit of modernity. Poetic lines are being hand painted on leather jackets and shirts are dispelling notes on revolution.


Lauded abstract expressionist, Gerhard Richter, painted his large-scale masterpieces in a structured uniform of suit and coat. His conceptual longings and explanations of the century executed in the strictest of dress codes. Weighty artistic masters, Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp, consumed tireless days playing chess in their buttoned-up threads.


Modern men paint shirtless, get married in silk and flawlessly inhabit bespoke hats that could make a bird jealous enough to build a new cage. Menswear still faultlessly worships pattern and detail. We no longer need to distinguish a place in society or a place of destination when appraising a man’s ensemble. Codes have been awakened, distorted and silenced all in the name of liberty and creative thought.

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Images -
Gerhard Richter Painting
Marcel Duchamp playing chess Photographed by Man Ray
Words by Brit Parks

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