Sculpted Silence: Shiro Sakai


Auguste Rodin confronted fresh blocks of cold marble with silent baited breath. It’s scarcely known how chisel hit stone to metal in a dream-inspired violence. Hard slabs and chips removed with such delicate accuracy that a half torso emerged. Limbs and muscle lifted their way through the harsh weight. This master of form and material had the poetry of a bird’s wing and the heft of the blackest storm.

Shiro Sakai delivers his new line with a coequal enigma. A capsule collection with their maker self describing them as living sketches he formed on the human shape. The garments have precision expression in sought out Japanese fabrics.

The air of ancient hand work abounds with careful hand stitching. Shiro Sakai was a part of Comme des Garçons for nineteen years as a virtuoso pattern maker. Comme's intricate and zig zag notions exacted in undersized and overwhelming proportion shocked the fashion world into a new religion of silhouette.

Shiro Designer Jackets

Shiro Sakai jackets are made with an almost Victorian sensibility in cool toned exquisite fabrication awash with tucks, pleats, darts, invisible pockets and perfectly placed buttons. Lined in silk and abiding cotton twills we see finishes that transform the day to night. Bespoke standards exacted in fabric that could make a cherry blossom shed its blooms.

Editorial Credits -

Photography Christina Hicks
Styling Kimberly Douglass
Talent Katie Joy
Words Brit Parks

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