Jesse Kamm: Muse

Jesse Kamm DesignerJesse Kamm refuses to play by the rules. Unless she’s defined them herself or believes they ring true. We hold her spirit, design sensibilities and way of life in high regard making her a Baby & Company muse.

“My uniform doesn’t only involve what I wear. It involves these philosophies I have about how to live a good life. For me, freedom is wealth. That’s my success: Being free to pick up and go away for the summer and be in a place where I can completely shut down. What if you just shook up the formula and thought of doing it in a different way, a smaller way? The dollar sign doesn’t have to be the end-all.” - Jesse Kamm

An easy, cool style is infused into each of Kamm's collections, keeping the pieces resiliently wearable over time. Devoted to sustainability, up to 70% of Jesse Kamm fabrics are recycled from dead-stock garments and repurposed fabrics manufactured in California. In a recent interview with T Magazine, Jesse urges us to embrace the trench: “A really great lightweight trench coat is essential. I like to layer one on top of almost everything; it is a way to take an unimpressive look and make it handsome and put together."


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