Norwegian Rain Coats

Norwegian Rain Coats

The Slow Fashion Movement is not only about a belief in the quality of materials, labor practices and ethos. It is also about the mentality of small design houses where the hand of the designer is directly imparted into the end result. It also means that the inspiration of multiple partners influences the entire company. Norwegian Rain is new to Baby & Company and beautifully embodies the movement. The company was born of a desire to take the current technology of hi-tech weather-proofing and disguise it in bespoke inspired outerwear.

It was begun by Bespoke Tailor, T-Michael, known for a conceptual approach to his precision work and Alexander Helle, an economist and believer in the philosophy of function in design. A look into their work finds you immersed in male models sporting silver warpaint make-up in their stunningly fabricated wares. You also note their affinity for Japan and the exceptional fabrics they produce in their ode to natural environments within their images and delicate detailed finishes. Norwegian Rain is part couture and part warrior - a lovely new hybrid to embrace.

“People that dare to push boundaries are for me very inspirational, most people are followers. If enough people dare to try then the world would be a much more interesting and better place to be.” -Alexander Helle

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