Gifting Blues, Remedied


Tis the season for roasted chestnuts, mistletoe, twinkle lights, and the anticipation of gift giving. And if we’re honest, the art of gifting well is hard. Here at Baby & Company, we only wish you all the best in your holiday quest, and offer some tips on stress-free gifting.

1. Gifting is, in fact, an art. And just like any skill, is honed and perfected with practice and time. 

2. Make it personal. Think of your shared experiences; an inside joke, event, or movie marathon may lead to excellent themes for inspiration. Often the recipient will communicate what they want without realizing. Listening well throughout the year and keeping track will help when the holiday time crunch commences.

3. Remember the receiver in the process. So often the giver chooses items that they like and find interesting instead of centering on the individual receiving. It’s their interests, needs, wants, and passions that will guide you. However, if you share any of the listed above, go wild! 

4. Expand your view on the traditional gift. Maybe the recipient doesn’t “need” anything, or lives a simplistic life. Consider the gift of a class, donation, event, or other spontaneities. These are not only creatively impressive, but they provide opportunities for future memories with no unwanted clutter.

5. Cost is not everything. Enough said. 

6. The act of giving a gift is, most importantly, the tangible way of celebrating the ones you love. How well does chosen item/event communicate how you feel about this person? Flash and pizazz is nice, yet, the perfect gift often takes shape through simplicity and intention. 
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