New Year, New Designers

We are happy to introduce new designers from all over the world who are joining the Baby & Company family this upcoming Spring 2015 season. Pieces were specially chosen that uniquely demonstrate Baby & Company's spirit: timeless, functional, confident, and genuine. (All images sourced from their respective designer's websites.)


Ivan Grundahl — Copenhagen, Denmark

Refined patch-working paired with asymmetrical yet billowing shapes equals the brilliant work of Danish designer, Ivan Grundahl. Well-known throughout Scandinavia for his classic avant-garde designs, his collections have gained him international presence as an influential designer. Grundahl’s pieces represent freedom of movement while remaining visually balanced. 


NLST — New York & Los Angeles

American design label NLST centralizes their foundation based on quality, innovation, and authenticity. Passion for discovery drives their visions for inventive proportions and silhouettes, and appreciation for utility. All of their pieces are composed of Japanese fabrics with unparalleled attention to details. The result is sophisticated simplicity. 




Just in Case — Antwerp, Belgium

It all began after a chance meeting on a bus. Soon Belgian duo Vicky Vinck and Katrien Strijbol came to learn they were soul sisters of design aesthetic and vision. Born in 1999, Just in Case delicately plays with feminine mysteries while exploring graceful confidence. Their designs "strip sexuality of all its clichés," paring designs down "to the very bare essentials of femininity."



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