Years ago, three young New Yorkers conceptualized an idea. Creative ambition brought them together, and in 2008, they collectively launched a women’s lifestyle brand Harvey Faircloth. This line was dedicated to the vibrant legacy of American fashion where their pieces explore the elegance and ease of “high/low” dressing. Impeccable construction and details illustrate the intentionality of the designer’s inspiration. Motivated to offer highly versatile, yet playfully sophisticated garments, Harvey digs deeper into the dualities of personal style. Based in New York City, Harvey Faircloth is proud to design and manufacture their collections entirely in the USA.

At Baby & Company, we take pleasure in the juxtaposition of the unexpected. Our inspiration is piqued through the quality of production while paired with Harvey’s innate knowledge what women want to wear. Their muse brings refreshing authenticity to the formulaic with her self confidence and individuality. With these traits, she becomes our muse as well. Images via Harvey Faircloth.


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