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Dressing should never be a trial.  Even in a closet brimming with clothes, there is still at times “nothing to wear.” Such is a common aliment of those with an overburdened wardrobe.  Imagine a closet with only pieces you love, that you know look fantastic, and communicate your style. Would that be enough to give it all away? At the start of 2015, here are some easy guidelines to help sort a wardrobe in need of a new year’s refresh.

When to Throw Out 

Is it badly damaged? If you aren’t sure, do a quick search online before tossing a piece. For stains needing attention we love Martha Stewart’s Guide to Basic Stains (found here), for minor repairs we love watching youtube tutorials for easy how tos.  When in doubt you can always ask your local cleaner or tailor to mend, dye or reweave your garment.  Always come clean with your cleaners and tell them what you know about the stain. It can make a real difference in their cleaning technique and gives you a better chance for success.


When and How to Store

Have you worn it recently? Many women turn their hangers backward to keep track of what clothes have been worn in a season.  If the item is unworn at season’s end, ask yourself, does it have sentimental value?  Storing sentimental items is common practice. Make sure you keep the item in a plastic or cedar bin with a good fitting lid.  If you like the piece but find it out of season, go ahead and store it.  When you feel it’s right, bring that puppy out of retirement! Remember, clothes that are stored for more than a year need to be taken out and refolded in the opposite direction to keep the fibers from weakening at the fold. 


When to Give Away

Does it fit your style aesthetic ? Be honest with yourself or invite a friend over, preferably one who has no problem sharing their opinions. Take each piece and ask, ‘Is it versatile? Does it flatter my body and create confidence?’  Try to visualize at least 3 outfits you could pair the garment with and see if your opinion changes. 



Seattle foundations like Goodwill, or Saint Vincent De Paul are happy to take your gently worn donations. Here at Baby & Company we wait all year for owner Jill Donnelly’s Annual Designer Closet Sale.  If you would like to be on the list for the designer sale as either a donor, a shopper, or both, please sign up for our email list. 

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