Building a Capsule Closet


Let us introduce the concept of a capsule closet.

Fashion is an ever changing muse, and as we head into the men’s and women’s market for the next buying season, we at Baby & Company are here to report first hand, the changes we see happening in New York, Paris and beyond (hello Japan!).  One of the biggest movements in the last few seasons has been capsule collections.  Designers have fixed their gaze on smaller, tightly curated collections that prove to offer only what is needed and omitting the extras — an attempt to place a finger on the very essence of what makes a good collection. In opposition of fast fashion, this foresight ensures that each piece is worthy of being made and best of all— going home with us.

With a specific selection of pieces chosen for each season, we craft and create looks that are interchangeable and effortless. Everyone knows less is more, but in this case, it actually is. First coined by Susie Faux of London in the 1970s, a “capsule wardrobe” is an array of essential pieces that are seasonless, and are yet versatile enough to match with one’s seasonal picks. These are your staples; your style loves that build that favorite wardrobe. Each designer may offer their version of ‘the perfect piece’, but in the end it’s up to us to pair it, place it and wear it with a style all our own.

Follow this link to shop our latest Spring 2015 collections for your capsule closet

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