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Freedom Hall — Menswear with Intention

Spring 2015's buy brought Jill to the Liberty Men's trade show in New York and there was a particularly draw to the inspiration and intention brought to Freedom Hall, a section of hand-picked apparel designers brought to the trade show by taste-maker and founder of The Brooklyn Circus, BKc, Ouigi Theodore
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Button Ups Bloom this Spring

Do you have the elemental and essential pieces to build a great wardrobe around? Here is one of our recommendations, a building block of our capsule closets — the classic button up. 
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Building a Capsule Closet

One of the biggest movements in the last few seasons has been capsule collections.  Designers have fixed their gaze on smaller, tightly curated collections that prove to offer only what is needed, omitting the extras, an attempt to place a finger on the very essence of what makes a good collection and what makes each piece worthy of being made and best of all— going home with us.
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