Here at Baby & Company, we believe in the power of choice. How choosing represents who you are and what you believe, and how fashion provides an opportunity to wear these decisions writ large. Each season as Baby & Company owner, Jill Donnelly, heads to New York, Paris, and beyond, she is aware that her decisions carry a weight. Her choices provide opportunities for applied artists to sell their designs half-way around the world.  Her selections allow lesser known discoveries to arrive seasonally in our corner of the northwest. That beyond we mentioned a few sentences ago is the universal reach of e-commerce where fantastic connections of like-minded people are immanent and Baby & Company is proud to be in the mix.

Spring 2015's buy brought Jill to the Liberty Men's trade show in New York and there was a particularly draw to the inspiration and intention brought to Freedom Hall, a section of hand-picked apparel designers brought to the trade show by taste-maker and founder of The Brooklyn Circus, BKc, Ouigi Theodore. Each brand Ouigi curated embodies a spirit and creativity of design resulting in a community built of passionate artists working in their individual crafts. From designers like Fortela, Super Duper Hats, and Armando Cabral, we are inspired through their personal stories and excitement for design.

Italian designer Fortela offers authenticity and history through its use of vintage fabrics and 1950's working man's fit. Pants composed of raw Japanese artisanal vintage selvage materials, the natural fibers undergo no pretreatment or washing prior to construction. Hand-sewn vests of vintage Military fabrics and fastenings only add to the line's exclusivity. Diverse in every aspect , each garment is connected by its though line of good design. Those who choose Fortela choose heirloom originality in every piece through composition and construction.

Our second featured designer is the Italian hat-maker, SuperDuper Hats. Centered around the interest and enthusiasm for raw materials and process authentic hat-making, SuperDuper Hats offers a collection of entirely handmade products. With a traditional aesthetic and love of detail, each hat is made incorporating beautiful thought out. 

Made in the shoe district of Marche, Italy, Armando Cabral's shoe line embraces the modern man's need for footwear in a clean, metropolitan aesthetic. Italian sensibilities are transcendent in the construction and fabrication of each piece with a minimalistic look. As a veteran runway and print model, Armando certainly knows what the modern gentleman will need from his footwear when traversing the globe. 

We look forward to showing you the spring collections in-store or online at Baby & Company, Seattle. 
Imagery courtesy of Liberty Fairs, The Brooklyn Circus, and Granted Clothing.

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