Designer feature— Annette Görtz


What makes German designer Annette Görtz truly unique in aesthetic is her attention to a garment’s architecture. That is her focal piece, her finishing touch. Her keen attention to construction and the placement of patterning details and trim show ultimate attention is applied. Annette chooses only exceptional fibers for her collections. Working with an Italian fabric designer, each collection includes two or three speciality fabrics, and don’t forget the prints!  Görtz designs exclusive in-house prints in an artistic and expressionistic manner, with themes often tying back to charity work. 

By investing in quality materials she is allowed the freedom to explore shape as her emphasis, and experiment with inventive ways to accentuate a women’s form.  Every season there are a handful of pieces that can be worn multiple ways, a nod to the modern woman’s need to be versatile.  Her garments change shape, flip inside out, or go back to front. Sharp, clean lines arise, and are paired with a minimal color palette.  

Founded by Annette and her husband, Hans-Jorg in 1990, we appreciate the complexity and thoughtfulness in their handiwork. Stay tuned as Spring gets underway.  In their words, “The design vocabulary is simple. High waistlines and straight silhouettes with geometric details in combination with a gentle and feminine look characterize the collection’s balanced appearance.  Art in fashion is the inspiration of the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Fragments of a portrait and abstract images that produce a tangle of almost random-looking lines through the reflections and scaling melt into an aesthetic overall picture. Colours and forms blur: The result is two motifs, translated onto silk and various cotton qualities.”  

Annette's pieces appeal to women around the world for their truly versatile nature and neoclassic silhouettes.  Baby & Company are honored to host an Annette Görtz Trunk Show, previewing her forthcoming Fall / Winter 2015 collection this Thursday, March 27th through Sunday, March 29th. We hope to see you there!

Photography by Manuela Insixiengmay
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