Jill’s Capsule Collection

Now that your closet is edited down to your favorites and the creative energy is firing, let’s talk about building that dream wardrobe. As a reminder, a capsule closet is an allotted collection of garments you love and wear interchangeably for the season. The goal of a capsule closet is to only own garments that communicate your personal style, support your lifestyle, and simplify the art of dressing. With some planning and loving instruction, you too can have your perfected closet. 

After the closet purge, step one is to take inventory. All that should remain in your wardrobe are your absolute loves and undeniable favorites. Of what is left, what are some common trends of your garments? Is it color, cut, materials? Think of what your lifestyle requires; what type of clothing do you need to best support it? Ponder this coming season and make a list of current wardrobe needs. What basics / statements do you require to complete your spring wardrobe?

For some expert style insight, this week we’re looking to our own leading lady — Baby & Company's Owner and Buyer, Jill Donnelly. Let’s take a look at Jill's spring 2015 capsule closet selections —

1. Harvey Faircloth Jumpsuit - “Baby & Company was one of the first boutiques to launch the"Flight Suit "trend in 1980. That is when I purchased MY first jumpsuit (the first time around). I loved it as much then as I do today. The fabric is what makes this piece so versatile. Belted with a high shoe makes it great for evening, or wear it with sneakers for a cool urban day look. Roll down the top, tie the sleeves around your waist and put it together with a crisp button-up or T-shirt on top.” The jumpsuit as a transformer, we like it! 

2. Marsell Neo Bootie

4. Ter et Bantine Neoprene Flower Dress - “The simple A-line shape is classic and refreshingly hip. The neoprene fabric makes it a travel dream. The discrete flower power appliqué and white center stripe make it a show stopper and shines to those happening 60s.” 

5. Amelia Toro Golf Shoe - “Love the classic, clean tomboy feel of this shoe.”  This has steadily become a Baby & Company signature shoe in black, white, and now dark brown!"

6. Harvey Faircloth Sheer Button-Up - “I wear this with everything from denim to evening-wear. Boy meets girl at its best.” 

7. Philipe Model Sneakers - “Throwing sneakers on with everything from jeans to suiting is one of my faves. While this trend is hot right now, I have been sporting it since my college days in the late 70s early 80s.”  

8. Duvetica Primula Vest - We love that all Duvetica pieces are reversible.  “Such a great layering piece, and the bright colored lining gives a fun pop of color.” 

9. Harvey Faircloth Striped Cut-Offs

10. Giorgio Brato Saumon Leather Jacket
11. Harvey Faircloth Sheer Button-up in Navy
12. Marsell Diamond Slip-On
13. Lola Washboard Hat
14. Jean Shop Skinny Stretch Denim  - “My absolute favorite jean. Love the customizability of the raw denim. Truly, patience pays off.” —Jill.

    We couldn’t have said it better!  Happy Capsule Closet Creation.  







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