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We are committed to the idea of creating community and company through our shared love of fashion, art, culture and a passion to explore and examine that which we do not know.

We ask you to come along with us to learn and understand the wisdom, wonder and mystery that surrounds the coming of each full moon. Our goal is to create a collective community of Full Moon spectators from around the globe and to have a shared experience. In this instance, the world becomes a smaller place and we get to keep good company with those who gaze together each month at the singular light, of the moon lit sky.  We would love to hear from you about your own full moon experiences, so please let us know if you have anything to add to the conversation.

I would like to give a special  Thank You to our lunar expert and guest writer, Jamie Leigh Fish, who will be enlightening us each  month with her graceful explanation of the full moon cycles and the significance of the lunar calendar cycle. Also, we are pleased to introduce the original art work of Garek Druss, who will share his amazing graphics of the help us pay respect to the moon's captivating beauty. Good Company indeed!

Jill Donnelly
Owner & Buyer


hënë . هلال  . ay . moon . месяц . চাঁদ . mjesec . луна . . lluna . bulan .月亮 . měsíc . måne . maan . luno .  kuu . gumala . kuu . lune . lúa . მთვარე . mond . φεγγάρι . lalin . ચંદ્ર . hold . ירח . tunglið .  मून . gealach . luna . . mēness .  ព្រះច័ន . mėnulis . 위성. cар . ചന്ദ്രൻ . månen . चन्द्र . mwezi . ماه . księżyc . lua . ਚੰਨ . lună . луна . mesiac . ดวงจันทร์ . ay .  چاند . mặt . trăng . לעוואָנע . lleuad . osupa .

The Moon holds mystique and intrigue worthy of fanlike obsession. Scholars, philosophers, artists, poets and lovers from Yoshitoshi to Galileo have all paid their homage to the moon. Who among us has not gazed into the Moon’s illusion of bioluminescence with a feeling of sanctuary? Commonly personified as a female Deity, we mark time, crops, tides, inaugurations, births, deaths, and more by the Moon’s passage as she waxes and wanes each month.

Here at Baby & Company we’re embarking on a series of monthly articles designed to be a reverence to the Moon and her hidden wisdoms. After all, despite the Moon’s lack of actual magnetic polarity, humans feel drawn to her mythos and long to explore her arid shores. In these articles we can traverse the basaltic plains of the Moon together and perhaps learn some things about our selves along the way. We’ll also put forth a monthly Moon offering, it’s our way of enveloping you in the wisdom of the Moon each month so you can take it with you wherever you are.


Astronomically the Moon is Earth’s natural satellite, formed within the quick of the Earth’s genesis, she now lives in a synchronous rotation with Earth. It’s possible that the Moon’s origin is responsible for inspiring such fascination and adoration in us. After all, her creation story is a veritable recapitulation of our own ontology. About 4.5 billion years ago the newly forming Earth collided with another planet, aptly named Theia (the Titan Goddess who gave birth to Seline, the Moon.) The swift glancing blow between the two planets sheared off a fragment of matter, with aspects of both the Earth and Theia, which then settled into orbit around the Earth becoming the Moon.

Scientists throughout history have generated big qualitative data indicating that the Moon and her phases do affect the inhabitants of Earth. For example, though liquid water cannot persist on the lunar surface, the ocean tides on Earth are largely generated by the intensity of the Moon's gravitational pull resulting in elevated sea levels. It’s no wonder that humans, being mostly made of water, have been known to behave differently on a full Moon. The origin of the word lunatic comes from the Latin meaning Moon-struck and human females have menstrual cycles timed with the phases of the moon.

In trying to understand how the Moon and her placement amongst the stars can offer us insight into our complex daily lives one might consider the process of holography. A hologram is a photographic three-dimensional image creating by using wavelengths of light. A hologram can be dissected into any number of pieces and each individual piece will still contain the whole image. This process is similar to the structure and function of DNA in the human body. If the Universe is indeed multi-dimensional than any insight into the Moon or other ephemera could hold meaning for all the inhabitants of the Universe, including us. 

So let’s consider this current Moon cycle. The full Moon in March reflects the thawing of the Earth and the onset of Spring. It’s a time of returning balance between day and night as we quickly approach the Vernal Equinox. Spring tides indicate that there is an extra force being exerted on the Earth during this season, especially on the full and new Moon. Humans feel it, while the softening Earth and extended days cultivate the soil into a nursery for all sorts of new life, the change in temperature and smell of pollens in the air signals to our bodies that we have made it through the long winter and a season of plenty approaches.

Cued that we are no longer in survival mode we can begin to allocate energy into planting seeds of new creation. Projects and relationships that lay dormant in hibernation may feel vivified. Remember, timing is of the essence in planting. Do you have sprouts from last year that need more room to grow? Do you see sprouts that need to be pulled up before they take root and grow strong in the hospitality of the season? Utilize your witness function and watch what grows during this time, then determine what will be the most nourishing and what didn’t yield as well as you had hoped in years past. Have you inadvertently allowed something to take root that does not serve you? Life has a way of flourishing on it’s own, be intentional about what you plant and remember that it’s healthy to eradicate some species of behaviors and patterns in order to support others to flourish. The only real shame is in not taking ownership of how you tend to your garden during this catalytic time.

This full Moon also signifies a return of the Robin bird and it’s prey, the Earthworm.  Notoriously good homemakers and nurturers, Robin’s message is to nurture our community, our long held intentions and ourselves. Gentle Earthworm aerates the soil through his activity and surfaces when the rain saturates the Earth. It’s the Earthworm’s self-preservation that makes them vulnerable to be plucked by Robin and become the nutrients that creates the beautiful blue Robin’s egg. Find opportunities to support others in their growth and process of weeding things out during this Moon cycle. Remember that even in your actions of self-preservation you may be nourishing to others. Be a beacon of self-awareness and self-efficacy and don’t be afraid to pluck an opportunity when you see it. By creating richness and innovation in your own ground, you are announcing your place in the Universe and you will grow Baby grow.


Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Illustration by Garek Druss


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