Hadron Creative and Baby & Company

Each season we replenish our stock and renew our outlook, and the Baby & Company in-store displays and windows reflect the dreams and intention of the collections as prescribed by owner and buyer Jill Donnelly.  And they are something to behold! Part art installation and part stage set, the window dressings arrest the busy eye of the passer-by. Inside shoppers are treated to a visual arrangement that is at once a celebration of the season and a reflection of our aesthetic soul.  

This season we are honored to highlight Hadron Creative as the design hive behind the installations.  Led by seasoned designer Robinick Fernandez, Hadron is a holistic design firm tackling interdisciplinary projects like interior design and brand development.  

“Our collaboration with Baby & Company for the Spring installation began with an exchange of visual inspiration. This is our second time working with Baby, and surprisingly, our concepts matched.” exclaims Robinick Fernandez. The owner of Hadron Creative was inspired by the desaturation of the desert. "Being in the northwest, we are used to the density of our landscape. By bringing the desert into the store environment, the vastness allows us to appreciate the details.  This idea is defined in many ways throughout the installation, allowing for each guest to concentrate on the clothing.”  

True to Hadron Creative’s Nature, the entire project was touched by every hand on their team. A display of 3,000 hand marbled and wood-burned balsa tiles, expressing the desert stone and sky above, are carefully composed on the west and north-facing walls of the 1st and Virginia street windows. “Balsa wood bends to its environment, allowing it to curl and straighten depending on the moisture in the air. The slight change of humidity animates the tiles every so slightly, so that the viewers can appreciate the dimension of the work. In addition the minute fluctuation echoes the slight change of season and the desert.”   

Inside the store are four hand-made chandeliers hanging above the glass counters drawing attention to the height of the ceiling and the open architecture of Baby & Company. The counter has always been the destination point of one’s shopping experience, being the social hub, the information place and often enough the espresso bar.  

The four chandeliers hang above from leather straps, their structure resembling the action of nature in bloom. “Each chandelier was formed with wire and hand rolled paper. The paper was carefully placed in one direction in the wire, expressing the organizational patterns in nature. It was very important for us to express repetition and pattern in this installation. The anticipation for something to blossom excites us and to wait for this change, signifying a transition in seasons, takes patience. Nature is patient.”  

We at Baby & Company can appreciate the wait for spring just as we appreciate the hand made. We are honored to be collaborating with Hadron Creative and we invite you to come see the installations in person. Happy Spring from Baby & Company.   

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