The Pink Moon

Pink Moon graphic by Garek Druss.

Baby & Company, as a brand and family, has an ethos of being aware of one’s surroundings and being present in the moment.  We believe in never sweating the small stuff, that celestial movements matter, and that we can learn from looking outside of ourselves into the vast universe. Our monthly Full Moon offering gives a glance to the heavens with an account of the scientific and poetic movement of space. A thematic and enticing sale is offered concurrently each month, so read on and receive full benefit!

The equinox on the New Moon heralded the season of more hours of sunlight then darkness in each day, a division that shall remain until the autumn equinox in September. This month’s full moon occurs during the peak of Spring activity. There is a total lunar eclipse on the full Moon initiating new beginnings and timely endings. 

Traditionally April’s moon is known as the Pink moon and it is a time when even the most vulnerable wildflowers will not hasten to bloom. The plant and animal kingdoms exude the confidence of knowing that the frosty nights are finally passed.


The Moon isn’t the only celestial body in the night sky this month; Venus, Jupiter and Mars have also been making appearances. In particular Venus can be witnessed as a bright planetary ember in the sunset each evening, setting shortly after dark. Early in the month, the waxing crescent moon and Venus were constant companions, creating quite a stirring visual in the twilight. The presence of Venus next to the growing Moon reminds us that spring is a time of fertility. Inspiring some people to seek out love while for others the inspiration is to end a love that has grown stale, still many others may find their current love renewed with the fresh ionized breeze brought in by the moody weather. It’s as if all nature is in a state of puberty and this can mean triumph or tumult.  

The full moon in April is also called the egg moon or fish moon, further homages to the season of fertility as the fish swim upstream to spawn and birds bravely lay their eggs to be held in the longer warmer days.  Ancient people used to crack an egg in the field as an offering to ensure a good harvest. What offering can you supply to the Earth and it’s inhabitants during this season? What nuggets of wisdom or insight do you want to incubate and hatch for yourself? The fecundity of spring is a wonderful time to heal, embrace the breakthroughs and insights and be decisive about what direction you choose to grow.

Finally, it’s important during this full moon to remember to walk with a soft step upon the Earth. There is life underfoot and if you have had courage in weeding your garden during the early season then now is a time to sit back and find peace in the vitality all around you. Snails cross sidewalks haphazardly, geese lay their eggs in medians of thoroughfares, baby sheep wobble outside of boundaries… take time to observe and revere the fragile brave nature of new life. You’ll be surprised to find what wells up in yourself as a result. 

Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Illustration by Garek Druss


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