Prïvate 02 04 and the Slow Cashmere movement

Recently at Baby & Company we've been having many discussions on the Slow Fashion movement and our place within a growing network of designers and retailers who value transparency, craftsmanship, and authenticity. It's only fitting to celebrate the great work being done by so many of the designers we choose to carry, and we'd love to share more about our designers with you.

Belgian designer Bruno Pieters recently wrote an incredible op-ed piece in Business of Fashion on the rising tide of informed consumers choosing sustainable fashion over the faster alternatives. Pieters writes,

"For the millions of people who love the constant newness of fashion, there are others who value the beauty of the story as much as the design itself. A very influential, well-educated minority is demanding humane products and transparency from fashion brands, leading a shift that is happening around the world.

Very few luxury products still carry the traditions that built the reputation of the brand. Often, when told today, the story is no longer credible. There is a need for a new story. An honest one."

As a retailer, we're interested in lifting up these true artisans, not only by choosing to represent them, but by sharing their stories and processes with you to reveal the work that goes into the quality they create.

Private 02 04 Cashmere blankets

This week we're featuring the luxurious and conscious cashmere collection of Prïvate 02 04, whose production methods and standards of quality truly align with the ethos of the Slow Fashion movement. Each of Danish-based label Prïvate 02 04’s cashmere garments are crafted as “slow cashmere,” a process steeped in tradition.

The beautiful process of Slow Cashmere begins at the foot of the Alps in Northern Italy with pure cashmere and cotton from local family mills who have been working with natural yarn for centuries. The pure fibers are woven on rare vintage looms from the mid-twentieth century.

Private 02 04 Looms


Private 02 04 Looms

Next, the artisans wash the precious fibers repeatedly for a divine texture.

Talented craftswomen then stitch, treat, and fray each piece by hand. Rustic minimalism prevails as design elements of knit and embroidery are added discreetly. This rare and patient process results in limited production capability, rendering each Prïvate 0204 garment truly distinctive.  

Shop our collection of Prïvate 02 04.

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