Lyn Slater on maturity and style

"Gaultier has repeatedly stated in
interviews that he thinks maturity is very becoming to women, including wrinkles as they are how the world knows who and what you are. He challenges the idea that older woman should dress with discretion and says that it is precisely when you are older that you should experiment with fashion even more. In fact, despite the massive denial of this fact by fashion industry marketing, those are the years when you are more likely to have the time and money to do so. The admonishments to dress in concealing and demure ways makes everyone old look the same and in fact contributes to the invisibility that often comes with aging. It’s all about the attitude that you feel inside, your curiosity and interest in the world around you and the joy you feel. As long as you are still feeling those things according to JP, there is no way you can be old."

—Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon

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