On Sustainable Style— A conversation with John Patrick

In an interview with The Fashion Spot,  New York based designer John Patrick discusses how the fashion industry is moving towards more sustainable and ethical production models. John's line, Organic by John Patrick, has been pioneering organic garment production for over a decade, proving that both beauty and ethics are possible. Organic's supply chain is a prototype that refines the relationships between organic materials, fair labor practices, and ecological awareness. (source)

"I made the world's first organic oxford cotton shirt. It took me two years to get the fabric made; I had to beg a mill to make the fabric."

"We're just in the beginning of the process of having transparency and ethics come into the whole design and manufacturing process because the canary has definitely died inside of the coal mines. And what you're seeing, also, industry-wide, both in manufacturing and in retailing, is this deep deep change. We're at a juncture. And it's not the end of the world, it's the change of the world. It's the end of peak oil, yes. It absolutely is the end of peak oil. For sure. So it makes people more conscious and more aware. And that's why the prices keep rising for even basic things. Inexpensive socks and underwear and stuff, they're not so inexpensive anymore. This may be part of the answer to the question that you're asking, which is why these people don't talk more about it, that have the ability to. Because if they do, they're going to raise the prices even higher and then the manufacturing and the apparel economy and the supply chain economy will collapse even more. The people who know know and the people who don't know, don't want to know."

"Corporations manipulate consumers because they have to meet the bottom line. They have to pump up those numbers. I basically don't concern myself with any of that stuff because we don't participate in any of it anymore. We just have our customers, our retail partners. And we stay true to the aesthetic of our brand, to the ethical aspect of it." 

Baby & Company is proud to now be carrying Organic by John Patrick this season. Please visit our store to shop the collection now in person, which will be launching online next week. 



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