The Claiming Moon

From the moment we enter this world, regardless of milieu, our neural network starts absorbing, gathering and storing information. Amongst the archives of memories, sensations and beliefs a large percentage comes directly from the experiences of someone close to us. This is a gift our family of origin gives us early on, a way of trying to teach us all they know. As such, regardless of the formula or intention, family leaves an indelible mark on our lives.

July, the Farmer’s Almanac tells us, is the month when the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. In this way it’s a coming of age, a virtual Sundance where we can emerge from our childhood into autonomy. Also known as the full thunder moon, July is the eye of the stormy catalytic season. With all this converging under the full moon on the 1st, the emergence of self-awareness is inevitable. Why not use it as an opportunity to bless and release some antiquated emotional heirlooms? Or as Rumi put it: “seek treasures among the ruins.”

July’s moon enters her entirety under the sign of Capricorn and promptly on the heels of the sign of Cancer. This moon channels the wisdom of the root chakra, which is associated with connection to our tribe. Capricorn’s industrious energy of perseverance combined with Cancer’s strong connection to home makes this a natural time to observe how we have internalized and still operate from messages that stemmed from our families, for better or for worse.

While some theorists say it’s the water molecules in our bodies that respond to the messages we are receiving, others believe we store memories in hidden places of our psyche. Whatever retention mechanisms are at play, be sure that the ever-economical systems of our body find paths of least resistance and bundles tasks where it can. This can produce some convenient and life-enhancing results like pneumonic devices helping us to remember a new acquaintances’ name, or it can bury emotions trapped within cavernous memory wells deep in the halls of our neural edifice.

This buried content could include our applied roles, internalized scripts, absorbed inexplicable patterns and our emotional triggers. Sure, some of these emotional family heirlooms have probably saved our lives while some are as innocuous as a sugar pill but some are potentially dragging us down and preventing us from living to our full potential.

Whether it’s the role of caretaker, problem solver, hospice nurse, challenger, disappearing act, lemming, show pony or any other number of unique character strategies that have been co-created with your family, if you don’t know your role that’s a good place to start your inquiry. If you are very clear on your role, you can begin to try it on in a new light. See if it really is the look you’re going for these days or maybe you decide it’s time for a character wardrobe upgrade.

If you decide your old role isn’t a good look for you anymore, July is a warm relaxed season of love where you can gently usher out any unwanted emotional tenants and the roles they rode in on with respect and gratitude. You might find some open places where the echo of contemplation and inherent wisdom can rise up or maybe you fondly remember a moment that in a new light becomes just the kernel of wisdom you were looking for. Whatever it is, see it as an opportunity to clear, heal, sooth and purify those places. Spaces left open by the release of un-needed emotional content are then available to store new memories and revelations within.

The herbs for this moon are agrimony, honeysuckle, lemon balm, and hyssop. Agrimony is about the masks we wear, honeysuckle cures what ails us, lemon balm is a soothing nerve tonic and hyssop can be used to cleanse sacred places. Use these healing tonics proverbially or actually to support your nervous system in unwinding and releasing. Rose Kennedy said, “What you do with your child can influence not only him, but everyone he meets and not for a day or a month or a year but for time and eternity.” Remember this was the design that got those messages in and it’s this same vibe that should be remembered as you parent yourself into some new ways of being. July’s moon is a time of harvest and life transitions Baby, make the most of the hard earned wisdom you’ve derived from living and teach yourself to sprout a beautiful crown of horns.


Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Artwork by Garek Jon Druss 


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