Perennial Pop-Ups: we'll come to you!

‘Have you felt the cashmere from this collection? It’s divine!’ says Baby & Company buyer and owner Jill Donnelly to her team, while holding a Private 0204 women’s T-shirt.  For those of us familiar with the premiere cashmere collection we nod our heads approvingly and cluck a harmony of ‘yeses’ and ‘oohs’, muttering ‘ahs' and ‘so soft!’ under our breaths as the textured T is passed around the encircling group.  “Their fabrics are made using a slow cashmere process that involves multiple hand washings before being cut and sewn. “You have to try it on!” Jill says emphatically. (read more about Private's Slow Cashmere here)

Something we like to say at Baby & Company is, ‘You can replicate the look but you can’t replicate the feel’.  It is no surprise that we place a huge importance on our customer fully experiencing the clothing we have to offer.  This means touching, feeling, and living in the clothing that Baby & Company has gone the distance to procure.  All hand-selected garments are brought to our store after nurturing real relationships, built over time, in person, with the highly talented designers we are then proud to showcase.  

The word curation is bandied about like salmon in the fish mongers’ hands at Pike’s Place Market, nearly losing meaning to overuse, but we couldn’t align our principles closer to the idea of hand selecting artisanal garments from over 100 vendors, and story telling our seasonal selection so that it stands out from the ubiquitous market place rush of filling merchandising quotas.  Admittedly we employ digital outlets when necessary to inclusively share the experience. We offer descriptive copy and lush editorial images designed to liven up the inboxes and browsers of our far-away friends. 

We travel to market to bring you the best of what’s out there; then we take one more step to let you know we mean it when we say we want you to experience the full story.  Baseball players go on the road, rockstars get in their tour busses and B&C owners Jill and Wayne gear up to bring you their favorite pieces.  This is Pop-Up season, baby, and once again Baby & Company is excited to be coming to a town near you.  Sun Valley, Portland, West Seattle, and soon Los Angeles and San Francisco.   Our digital lives can take a break for a while as we exchange stories face to face. 

If given the opportunity we would love to see you in person and talk shop.  We take to the road because Baby & Company longs to have you feel the cashmere. With the Pop-ups there is no need to come to us— we’ll come to you!

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