Bandhani Flags: In Store Installation

Bandhani Flags: In Store Installation

We are pleased to present Christina Kim’s in-store installation, Bandhani Flags. Kim is the mastermind behind our line Dosa, which focuses on the ethics of fashion and ancient ways of making. The installation was first presented in Bologna, Italy in concert with the Museo della Musica (below)

Bandhani flags are traditionally made from scraps of handmade fabric leftover from clothing production. The installation calls into question the beauty imbued by handwork and intention. It pays homage to a tradition while offering it up in a contemporary setting to reevaluate the materials and meaning. The nude to rich pink tones in tandem with varied textures shift and sway as the light changes throughout the day to illuminate our store with a sacred glow.



Photograph at top by Aaron Leinz

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