The Ice Moon

The Full Ice Moon cradles the Lunar New Year and heralds in a time of thawing. Constellating in the deep waters of Virgo and the watery emotions of Pisces, all this water surrounding the Ice Moon symbolizes a frozen place within our emotional core that is ready to surface. These frozen emotions, whether they are beliefs about ourselves or the world around us, will be set in motion by this full Moon bringing with them challenges, offerings, insight and empowerment.

The Lunar New Year, ushered in with the New Moon in February, is the year of the Fire Monkey. The flames of the new year are set to expedite the thawing of long held emotions that are ready to reveal themselves to us. Embrace this flood Baby, or as Rumi put it, “Be melting snow. Wash yourself of yourself.”

The undemonstrative sign of Virgo, witty and well spoken will help you to initiate a good understanding of human nature and problem solving in the realm of emotions, while Pisces, valuing human relations above all else will remind you to channel the love and ingenuity of friends, family and lovers as the thaw reveals itself to you. The universe is conspiring to bring you tools to help you make the most of this rapid melting of your frozen places.

The last two years were wood years, making this transition to a fire year very auspicious. Consider the last two wood years as tinder for this new year of the Monkey, which will be catalytic, unpredictable and actualizing. A dangerous roaring fire, if tended to properly, can become your enduring flame of success and creativity and, the genesis of this year long fire is the melting that begins here with the Ice Moon. A journey such as this will almost always conjure a well of hidden talents from within you, so stay open to it. This is a year of transformation!

This full moon holds another auspicious date, the future anniversary of the Nordic legend of Ragnarök. This is a fabled series of events, including a great battle on earth, a natural disaster; the analogy of a flood of melting ice perhaps, and the subsequent submersion of the world in water. Afterward, the world resurfaces anew and fertile. This is the legend of Spring, the crocus’ ancient song as they push through the Earth’s surface, as the deluge of melting ice and snow washes clean the earth and initiates another fertile season.

How can you work this thaw into your real life? First, stay aware of the surfacing insights. Second, take action on those messages from your emotional depths. This can be accomplished by accepting the challenges that you know are yours to conquer through your every daily action and practice. Terrified of being seen? Wear a color you love but normally would consider too bold. Feeling like you are rigid in your relationships? Adorn yourself in a soft luxurious knit so that no one can resist touching so you get more hugs and warm hands on your shoulder when you need it. Feeling disempowered in your role in life? Acquire a new piece for your wardrobe that will give you confidence and in turn will command respect.

Rumi also said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Trust your intuition and let it be your guide as you sail the seas from your own outpouring of rising emotional connectivity, Baby. What you nurture will flourish within you.

Words by Jamie Leigh Fish
Full Moon artwork by Garek Jon Druss

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