Café Conversation

Café Conversation

As you sit in Café de Flore Paris with slightly tucked in breath, you wait for your simple supplies of espresso and croissant. Perched in the corner, you watch the ever so slight alignment of people, books and gardens sprawl through the etched glass. We see in sets of patterns and tones, a constant source of measured sameness and unlikeness holding us together with a subtle decorum.

The way you suit up for your day is a mirror of your thoughts. La Prestic Ouiston is a line for those who truly love a demure and pop spirit encapsulated into one parcel. A constant array of patterns and prints in hypnotic saturated hues, leopard print as neutral and driving combinations of silk pinned in wool.

When leopard silk trousers are worn in tandem with a top flooded in botanicals and a lithe ballet flat, you can traverse antique libraries, the bakery and, the flower shop in quiet comfort. Pull on bright panels of pink and green and tip toe into the opera or sit idly on garden statues and watch the sun fall. The world is abound with print. Some created by familiar habits in established cafes, some created by the natural flow of blooms when fresh flowers are bucketed for the day.

We give more subtle credit to a man's choice in suiting but a soft checked grey jacket with trouser is a statement worth making. Sage de Crêt, named after the French terms
sensible and order are pristinely made men's offerings to rely on every season for exacted tailoring in a minimal palette. They are staples carried out with thoughtful details. While employing modern techniques, their wares are never too buttoned up for flights of fancy or flights of scotch. As you glaze over the day’s newspaper, your eye catches a flash of leopard print dashing across the street and you hear Jean Luc Godard’s line float through your mind, “When we talked, I talked about me, you talked about you, when we should have talked about each other.”



Words by Brit Parks
Image, top: Tatjana Patitz by Peter Lindbergh, French Vogue, Cafe de flore, 1985

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