Cann A Bliss Clinic with Verte Essentials

Cann A Bliss Clinic with Verte Essentials
Image via Verte Essentials website
Image via Verte Essentials on Instagram

At Baby & Company we're absolute advocates for the mind & body benefits of cannabis, especially products containing pain-relieving CBD derivatives. CBDs (or, cannabidiols) are the chemical compounds in a marijuana plant that contain non-psychoactive, but highly soothing properties with a range of medical applications from treating anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, arthritis, and more. 

Sun Valley–based beauty brand Verte Essentials also believes in the power of the plant. They've launched a CBD-infused line of oils with a transformative, holistic ethos that treats skin from the inside out. To celebrate, we're hosting cofounder Blair Lauren Brown for an in-store clinic featuring Verte Essentials' signature line, plus beauty treatments from esthetician Carla Butts of Parlor 11.

Stop by the store from 11 to 5 on Saturday, November 11 to try the spa line and ask Blair all your burning questions. And let us add you to the list via
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