Christina Hicks x Baby & Company

Christina Hicks x Baby & Company
We grabbed a coffee with art director/photographer extraordinaire Christina Hicks to learn more about her dedicated interest in Slow Fashion, vegan living, and what makes fall in Seattle so special. 
What about Seattle inspires you as a photographer and as a resident?
Hicks: Seattle’s unique geography inspires me most—the abundance of plant life, bodies of water, and access to wilderness in every direction. Though I’m not a landscape photographer, it’s an inspiring starting point to have that as a backdrop. As a resident, I love how easy it is here to be able to explore one of the large parks, or quickly escape to a national park on a day off. We’re so lucky here!

Why are you passionate about slow fashion?
Oh man…I could go on all day about this. I’m passionate about the movement because I know that caring about something deeply and acting on your beliefs absolutely brings about change. Changing our personal habits and then spreading these ideas with others is the best way we can initiate a larger cultural shift.

To me, slow fashion is just one extension of living a more compassionate and conscientious lifestyle, part of a larger movement against (and reaction to) consumerism. Personally, this includes being more considerate about the type and quality of food we eat, how we spend our time and energy, the causes we support, and the spaces we inhabit; our overall patterns of energy and material consumption. I love that slow fashion doesn’t have to mean being ascetic and completely going without, but rather slowing down: making more intentional decisions about the garments we do bring into our lives, and what we let go of as well. What better metaphor than to be able to literally clothe yourself with items that reflect your aesthetics and values?

Slow fashion is also a form of protest, and after learning more about the toll of the fashion industry as a whole (thanks to films like The True Cost), I’m more aware of the importance of voting with our dollars. Supporting slow fashion is such a positive way to take a stand against practices we don’t support, and to support the artisans and brands we do. I’m grateful to Jill Donnelly for helping to spread awareness to our community (myself included) about this movement!


Can you share a vegan recipe you love?
Summer is long gone, but I’m a huge fan of BBQ jackfruit, and there are two versions I love, so I’ll share both. It’s an amazing alternative to pulled pork. We serve it on buns with coleslaw, but it’s also really wonderful as a baked sweet potato topping.

If you’re a fan of a more vinegar-based, Carolina style BBQ, this slow cooker recipe is for you. If you’re short on time, this stovetop version by Minimalist Baker is great, paired with whatever style BBQ sauce you prefer. Before serving, I recommend searing it in a cast iron skillet: heat the BBQ on medium-high for a few minutes without mixing for a seared, caramelized texture.

What is an exhibit or activity you’re excited about this winter?
I’m really looking forward to checking out Andrew Wyeth: In Retrospect at the SAM. Also excited to road trip around Utah and New Mexico in a few weeks—Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch has been high on my list for a while.

Where is your favorite place to feel warm and cozy in the city?
I really enjoy Volunteer Park Cafe on a relaxed fall has such a cozy feel inside. I recommend a morning walk around Volunteer Park to take in all the gorgeous fall colors, then heading down the road to the cafe to warm up with a favorite drink.
Christina is wearing all Jesse Kamm, you can shop her look here, here, and here
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