Designer Bio: Nells Nelson

Designer Bio: Nells Nelson

With a petit showroom in Lower Manhattan, designer Sisi Li produces stunning outwear with minimalist lines and luxe Italian craftsmanship under the name Nells Nelson. Her signature jacket silhouette combines functional tailoring with clean polish—Li wants each piece to embody the spirit of polish and ease, with a bit of quiet drama.

Nells Nelson’s line of classic jackets and coats are at once on-trend while still offering a quality and timelessness that makes them wardrobe staples—like I piece you’d love your grandchild to find in your closet someday. 

The materials are sumptuous: cashmere/wool blends and plush camel hair in perennial colors to stand up against both time and the elements. 

Li named Nells Nelson after her son and husband, infusing the brand with heart and a conviction that how we dress is a reflection of our innermost selves.

Shop the collection here.

Photo courtesy of Nells Nelson website. 

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