How to Bring Punk Fashion into the Office

How to Bring Punk Fashion into the Office

Long touted as the exact opposite of business casual, punk fashion in 2018 is both edgy and functional: a practical option for your next breakfast meeting–albeit in tandem with tailored pieces. Three of our most beloved brands, R13, Ter et Bantine, and 6397, help illustrate how to take your graphic tees and distressed denim out of the mosh pit and into the office. 

First up: Suiting

Avoid looking corporate and de-sterilize your look with plaids and stripes. Try the checked pants from 6397 or the classic high-waisted Ter et Bantine trousers that come with a removable (but why would you?) hip chain. When in doubt, a head-to-toe patterned suit is sure to keep things interesting. 

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Next: Denim + Blazers = 90’s Uniform 

Have you ever found yourself lusting after the 1994 street-style looks of Meg Ryan, Kate Moss, or Kim Gordon? Yes you have, because the 90’s were amazing. To quote R13-founder Chris Leba: “Punk, the 90s, always are my references…” One pairing mastered by that beloved decade is denim and blazers. The winning combination unlocks the ultimate superpower: look polished and effortlessly cool all at once. No one does cool-girl (or boy) chic better than R13.

Step things up with tuxedo stripe jeans that go perfectly with mid length blazers and tailored poplin button-downs. 

Last but not least: Graphic Tees and Patches

Patches, screen-prints, and bold statement t-shirts are 1.) so cute, 2.) so comfortable, and 3.) so easy to incorporate into your daily wardrobe. Pair a black and white graphic tee with tailored pants for a refreshing take on the office uniform.


Brightly colored t-shirts with statement graphics can be tucked into pencil skirts or worn beneath structured woolen coats.


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Collared button-ups get the update we didn’t know they needed with nostalgia-inducing patches. Wear beneath a classic plaid blazer for optimum board meeting meets counterculture synergy.



Brands like 6397 maintain a philosophy that is rooted in the importance of self expression; the designs are "driven by real life – with a special nod to youth and counterculture." Don't be afraid to stray from the mainstream clickbait trends that dominate the fashion industry. 2018 is the year to embrace true individuality and there is no better teacher for this than the punk movement. 

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