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After the success of Antonio Salon, it seemed only natural that a boutique spa would follow in its well-groomed footsteps. Located directly across the street from the hair salon, Antonio Spa is a stylishly decorated open-air oasis amidst the noise of downtown Seattle. Maintaining the sustainability-driven ethos of the hair salon, the spa is certified by Green Circle and the main product line used, Comfort Zone, is powered by ethically-sourced ingredients and processes. This week, the Baby & Company editor wanders over to test drive some of the services offered: the Oxygeneo facial and brow tint.

Masumi, who co-owns Antonio Spa, wears the Voz silk charmeuse kimono. Shop Masumi's look here

Long: On the day I booked my appointment, the construction-heavy Belltown soundtrack was at an all-time high. However, from the moment I stepped through the doors of the spa I was greeted with a deliciously calming aroma, artfully minimalistic design, and expert attention from the staff.

Moriah, the esthetician who performed my facial, let me know that Antonio is one of the only places in Seattle with the Oxygeneo machine used during the procedure; several interchangeable wands were used at different times during the facial.

Cycles of peptide and hyaluronic acid-rich formulas were massaged into my skin–both with her hands and with the vibrating Oxygeneo wand. Although my eyes remained peacefully closed, Moriah explained that the vibration frequency in the wand helped penetrate to a lower layer of the dermis to inject product deep into the skin. Moriah noted that this facial is perfect for anyone that may be a spa or facial novice: “It’s a 3 in 1 super-facial that exfoliates, infuses, and oxygenates to plump and hydrate your skin, renew youthful glow, revitalize dull complexion, reduce wrinkles, firm and tighten pores, and improve skin cell production.”

In total, the facial took around 60 minutes, but Moriah explained that it can be tailored to fit a shorter time-frame for anyone coming in on a lunch break or working around a schedule. It can also be adjusted to help specific skin needs–Moriah made sure my facial was focused on deep hydration; ending with a sleep-inducing arm massage and the satisfied knowledge of tighter skin. Not only was my skin immediately brighter and smoother, but there was absolutely no redness; I was able to easily slip back into the office without having to reapply any makeup.


My eyebrow tint from Heidi was one of the best I’ve received. As an individual with blonde, almost invisible eyebrows and eyelashes, I am always looking for an expert esthetician to tint my lashes and brows to a darker hue. Heidi even shaped my brows, creating a noticeably cleaner aesthetic to my visage.  


I fell in love with the open-air interior concept–it feels spacious and intimate all at once. The product line used at the spa, Comfort Zone, is rooted in sustainably-sourced ingredients and is a certified B Corporation®, signifying the brand’s commitment to environmental impact. From the compassionate and knowledgeable employees to the well-executed services, I can confidently say I will be returning.


Other services offered include lash extensions and cosmetic tattoo services. Masumi, an expert micro-blading technician, explained to me why these were her personal favorite services offered saying, “all of our artists are very focused on not changing the individual’s appearance completely, but rather enhancing and creating a beautiful natural look. It takes a lot of time off your morning routine.”

To schedule an appointment at the salon, you can visit the website or call the salon at 206.448.2684. Mention Baby & Company and receive 30% off your first service. 

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