Jennifer McCullum from GRAY Magazine

Prior to joining the team at GRAY Magazine in 2016, Jennifer McCullum worked for a parade of revered publications including Harper’s Bazaar, Seattle Magazine, C California Style, San Francisco Magazine, and Boston Common. We had the pleasure of meeting GRAY editor Jennifer McCullum at the mag’s newly redecorated and stunning offices in Georgetown to learn more about the lifestyle of this chic Seattle tastemaker. 

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What is your favorite part about covering fashion/style in the PNW?
McCullum: Getting to tell the stories of the talented and creative communities of this region. Often times GRAY is the first magazine to write about a local designer or firm and being charged with launching their legacy in print is truly humbling.

What about working for Gray Magazine specifically?
The team! Every member of GRAY is so good at what they do and committed to the mission of this magazine. My co-editors and I are incredibly close, and it is so inspiring to get to do what you love with people you admire every day.


How has living in Seattle shaped your personal style?
I do think there's a more understated element to how I approach getting dressed that wasn't as present when I've lived in other cities. Seattle is a city of subtlety from its environmental palette to its quiet innovation that hasn't sought the spotlight (yet it seems the world is now waking up to!) I'm finding an increased appreciation for garments that are made with quality materials, constructed with care and with the earnest intention I have found characterizes so many of the style communities here. 


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If you could only wear one designer from head to toe, who would it be?
Brunello Cucinelli. Everything about his line, from the luxurious fabrication of his knitwear to the modern elegance of his womenswear to his humane philosophy which I swear you can feel sewn into these garments, embodies how I think every woman wants to feel in her clothes: like a classic beauty, confident and comfortable.

Where is you favorite place to people watch and/or get style inspiration?
First & Pike Newsstand. Right at the entrance to the market, Lee Lauckhart's newsstand sells over 2,000 titles including international editions of Vogue, L'Officiel, The Gentlewoman, etc. Now more than ever, but certainly in my role as a design editor, it's so important to be able to get perspective on what's happening in the creative community globally. 


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What sets Gray apart from other publications?

This magazine's authenticity and unwavering commitment to providing a true platform for the creatives of this region. Every detail, from the thoughtful curation of the studios and designers we spotlight, to how the placement of each image will inform the greater aesthetic of the issue...everything is taken into account because we recognize the eternity of print. These stories will live in our pages forever and, whether it's a firm that has received world-wide acclaim or a local business owner opening their first shop, we want to ensure their story is shared in a way in which each subject can be proud and that best exemplifies all that is part of the PNW.


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  • Jenny McCullum: The epitome of class and elegance.

    John Levesque on
  • I love Jennifer! Her personal style is enviable and her warmth and beauty radiate off of her. Great article!

    Lisa Cole on

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