The Women of Design Within Reach

The Women of Design Within Reach

Baby and Company neighbors several style-centric businesses, among them the über chic and aptly named Design Within Reach. This week, we stroll next door to chat with interior experts Cathy Le and Lily Raskind about home decor, furniture, fashion, and how they are so often interconnected. 

What do you love about working at DWR? 

Raskind: I have the pleasure of representing some of the most beautiful and historically important modern furniture designs to people who appreciate them.

Le: I love being around design and helping fellow design consultants and clients make their dreams come true! 

What is your favorite room in your house and why?

Raskind: You might have to come back to me on this one! My family and I recently moved into a home built in 1910 and have work to do on it—we're very excited for the eventual transformation! 

Le: My favorite spot in our home is the living room. Natural light enters from three directionsnorth, west, and southand inspires creative solo, intimate, and entertainment time.


In what ways do you think fashion and interior design are connected?

Raskind: Design is everywhere. Where fashion allows us to express how we see ourselves through our armor, interior and furniture design allows us do the same with our castle.

Le: I think scale and proportions are the most important elements to interiors and fashion. You can stretch these in either direction to execute your intent.

Your interior design aesthetic in three words:

Raskind: Modern, friendly, and functional. The Kyoto Table by Shiro Kuramata is one of my current favorite pieces at DWR. 

Practical: Why bother if it doesn't work for you?
Timeless: Le Corbusier's designs from the ’20s and ’30s transcend time. Wouldn't you want your space to do the same? Balance: Round out the stark Corbusier piece with a cozy rug.

What about your personal style?

Raskind: Masculine, tailored, sportswear-inspired

Le: Daily, I lean towards uniform dressing, with the occasional insert of color and pattern, peppered with rock ’n roll. I enjoy a mix of vintage and new pieces. I shop with the intent that my clothes can eventually be stowed away so that I can shop my own wardrobe years later.

Shop this look here and here

Shop this look here and here

What is your favorite part about being this neighborhood? 

Raskind: I never get tired of looking out at the weather over Puget Sound.

Le: We're lucky to be in such a vibrant and rich neighborhood with so much history and curation. I cherish this so much more now because so many local Seattle businesses have either left, or shut their doors. Growing up in my parents' restaurant in Bellingham has taught me the value of shopping local. This is why I love to support the small businesses like Baby and Company (yay! You're almost 41 years!), Jack Straw, Le Pichet, and Delaurenti, to name a few. I love that these shops are all within walking distance of each other. 

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