Laundry Lesson: Our Tips for Keeping Whites Extra Bright

Laundry Lesson: Our Tips for Keeping Whites Extra Bright

It's an unfortunate fact of buying something white, without vigilant care these garments just don't always stay white for too long. Is there a way to restore them to their former glory, or are we destined to embrace the grey tinge that was once so gleaming?

Never fear! We're here to help with a Laundry Lesson of our favorite tested tips on refreshing those whites to make them white once more. 

Before you dive for the bleach bottle, know that it's not our first recommendation. The chlorine and oxygen found in common bleaches is pretty harmful to the fibers in most clothing, and will create weakness in the fabric, putting you at risk of rips, tears, and fraying. It can also sometimes cause yellowing. If you must bleach, we recommend using half of the instructed amount, and supplementing the other portion with baking soda. 

Our go-to? The alternative, less damaging methods, like lemon juice, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide. All of these, unlike bleach, offer gentle brightening qualities. 

See chart below instructions: 

  • Lemon Juice: Add 1 cup of juice along with regular detergent and use only on white loads
  • Baking Soda: Add a 1/2 cup along with regular detergent 
  • Hydrogen Peroxide: add a 1/2 cup along with regular detergent

Good Practice Tips:

  • When washing laundry, always separate your whites, darks, and colors—and remember that most materials wash best in cold or warm rinses. Use hot water only for sturdy cottons like towels and sheets.  
  • When drying whites, skip the dryer and let mother nature do it’s best with natural sunshine when possible.
  • Stubborn stains can tackled with white dye from your local art or craft store.
  • Remove your clothing promptly from your machine when the wash cycle finishes in order to prevent mildew.
  • Leave the washer door open to allow your washer to dry out when not in use.
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