The Sunday Guide – August

The Sunday Guide – August

Season Statement

This season, we are centering our focus on the concept that something old is always new again. 
We will present several designers this season who have proved this point, based on the length and legacy of their brands that have stood the test of time in a moment when everything seems to be ZOOMING by at a breakneck speed. The domination and impact of the technology has literally changed every f*cking thing we do in our day-to-day lives.
We are living at a time where INSTANT is the new normal. Well, we want to challenge this NORM and invite our customers to come experience our latest in-store installation called Bazar de Baby! If you're like me, whenever you're visiting a new city you always seek out the markets and the places to discover. This month, you will be treated to a bazaar-style shopping event created in collaboration with our August Designer Residency featuring Susan Wheeler Home. Susan will bring her brand of curated and vintage furniture, clothing, and artifacts into our store from now until Labor day.
In today’s climate, nothing feels unique, exclusive, or rare. Everything is available on a 24/7 platform somewhere around the world with the push of a finger. Stores are packed with racks and racks of a sea of sameness. But Baby, let’s dive back into who we are at the core–foragers and gatherers. Everyone loves the lure of the hunt. When we walk into a market or bazaar, we open ourselves up to the thrill of discovering something rare, unexpected, unique, and exclusive. There is so little in our lives that earn this description.
Susan Wheeler has a bold eye for design and will bring an amazing, curated capsule to be sold at Baby & Company through Sept 2nd. We are thrilled to host Susan along with her incredible collections of vintage furniture, jewelry, clothing, and home accessories. Susan has one of the "best eyes for finds" in the industry.
(Read it here)
You will absolutely LOVE the treasure hunt we have created inside the store.
As if the Susan Wheeler Home Capsule was not enough, starting August 14, we will be showcasing … wait for it … our much beloved Closet Sale! Hello!! Talk about the lure of the hunt! Closet Sale has loads and loads of hidden gems from more than several of our Baby & Company favorite designers.
So come join us this season to discover and find something you might be expecting. And in the words of Susan Wheeler, “when you find something you love, you will always find a spot for it.”
Jill Donnelly


Nothing new has come along to knock this Seattle favorite off its “favorite restaurants” throne. 

Along the quaint Post Alley at Seattle’s Pike Place Market awaits one of the city’s most beloved restaurant destinations since 1981: The Pink Door. Equal parts Italian-American dining, eclectic entertainment, and warm, spirited service, we welcome you!

Owner Jackie Roberts offers an unpretentious escape from the everyday with a classic, produce-driven menu. You’ll always find a convivial atmosphere fueled by a warm, friendly staff and entertainment such as trapeze, cabaret, music, and tarot. Whether nestled inside the dining room, relaxing in the lounge, or outside on the view deck overlooking Elliot Bay, the mysterious alchemy of The Pink Door’s food, ambience, and service creates a habit-forming experience. 



Nothing marks summer in Seattle more than dinner on the patio at the Pink Door. 

From the refreshing libations on the drink menu to the seasonally sourced local food to create a summer menu I look forward to each and every year.



One of my all-time summer favorites is the heirloom tomato season, when the signature Bruschetta with the purity of a perfectly ripened heirloom tomato sits grandly on homemade bread, toasted to precision and seasoned with the finest of olive oil, salt, and fresh basil! Pair it with an Aperol Spritz OR The Baby 75 (you can ask for it by name).



The pasta is handmade, the seafood local, fresh and always cooked to perfection.

I promise, if it isn’t already, it will become one of your favorite Seattle haunts for years and years to come. 38 years later, The Pink Door ALWAYS brings her finest charm to the table and keeps us coming back for MORE!




Designer Residency 05: BAZAR DE BABY

From August 5th till Labor Day, we'll be Susan Wheeler Home as a part of our designer residency series. Stop on by the store to see what timeless rarity you might discover!

Baby & Company
1936 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

We'll see you there, Baby!


From August 14th until Labor Day, we'll be having our 11th annual Closet Sale as part of our Bazar de Baby!

Baby & Company
1936 1st Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

We know you'll love it, Baby!
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