The Sunday Guide - February

The Sunday Guide - February


India - Notes from the Road
Where to begin…
India has long been on our list of places to visit. We have always considered ourselves to be experienced travelers, but India brings a whole other dimension of wonder and discovery to even the most seasoned voyagers. India reveals itself to be both chaotic and serene, harsh and graceful, cruel but divine.
A widely varied country that has a population of 1.4 billion people, with some cities seeming to be be bursting at the seams; there is a natural and respected order that allows the culture to transcend through its storied history with its ancestral past that dates back to the 4th century. A culture and history so rich and significant that the bloodline of its rulers has never been broken, even through brutal wars and colonization. The faith of its people has proved to be the glue that has held its identity together through the ages, and runs through the foundation that makes India one of the most important cultural centers of the modern world.
To stand back as an observer is to be a witness to history itself.
Even in this short journey, we have experienced a magical landscape and chaotic beauty that neither Wayne nor I have experienced anywhere else in our travels. Every sense has been set ablaze at every turn. Exotic sights, sounds, flavors, and ancient architecture abound.  Even the tragic and chronic haze of pollution and waste that sadly defines the personality of its major cities cannot dull the richness of this color-filled society.
To be sure, it is not for the faint at heart to visit, but to miss the experience would be a denial of one of the most impressive cultures on the globe.
The lessons of resilience and endurance shown by its people should be a humble and worthy exercise for a society that has become spoiled and ungrateful for the abundance that we are fortunate to enjoy while living in such a rich and wealthy country. With all the hardship experienced by the people here, we never heard people yell at one another.
No one acts rude or disrespectful in public.
No one has been unkind or hateful toward us, or others.
Think about that. Living the way that the majority of the people live here, no one shows public hostility, acts aggressive or threatening. There is a noticeable respect for both country and countrymen that adds to the civil order of things.
It is truly confounding for a population this size, and it blows my mind given the declining state of our own civil society that we have sadly come to accept.
They all get along to move along, and there is a harmonious respect and balance that feels rare to witness or experience in these troubled times.
 Many have said it: India is like no other place you will ever go - It will change your perspective on the human condition for evermore.
 What a journey it has been.

"Pink is the Navy Blue of India” - Diane Vreeland

There is not one significant designer on earth that has not been influenced in some shape or form by the colors and textiles born in India.
Bright colors are the very soul of Indian Life - from the temples to the fields, weddings to farming. Worn by both the richest and the poorest, the colorful Sari is literally the national uniform.
The display in the color and textures worn in the daily rituals of Indian life is dizzying. No matter where you go or where you look, color is on display.
As you know, I am a big fan of bright colors.
Why? Because colors have an emotional appeal, Just like a gorgeous bouquet of beautiful flowers, or an abundant garden, color communicates joy, happiness and brightens up your mood.
Why is it that we have to be taught, as a style guide: "How to wear color”?
When did we become such Color Cowards? I myself am guilty of my own reliance and comfort for black, navy, beige, and cream. I adore winter whites, naturals and gray. However, in the last few years, I have found myself purposely drawn to brights and prints; leaving the dull, gray winters of Seattle changed my perspective. The sunshine and abundant blue skies of Sun Valley shifted my gaze for a brighter presentation of my style. Perhaps also, it is because today the world feels more angry, hostile, and mean.
I felt the need to present a happy, more playful, and joyful mood in the store to act as a retreat from the current outside forces. I have been much more drawn to colorful palates, playful patterns and clothes that communicate more charm and character than the mundane palates of safe colors, and sensible basics.
So, after spending this time in India, that compulsion has been set on FIRE.
It will be an interesting exercise to see how this amazing journey to the culture that is the very definition of color itself influences this Buyer’s Eye.
I am literally leaving from India directly to the New York market to buy for Autumn / Winter 2024.
Hold onto your hats! This should be a very interesting market for both you, and myself.
Sooooo.. to encourage you to put down your beige and gray, and get BRAVE with color, we are offering a Special SALE on our Color Collection - Inspired straight from India.
Here's the DEAL:
Use the code INDIA to receive an additional 20% off on anything in our special color capsule.
Come on Baby! Challenge yourself. Cut loose and have some fun with this!



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