The Sunday Guide – January

The Sunday Guide – January


Once again, we find ourselves shaking off the spoils of another year that we could not wait to say "Good Riddance" to. 2021 held those same promises we summon up with each obligatory toast we make at midnight, which implores us to make the new year better than before. But we were quickly reminded that hope, change, and eternal light at the end of what appears to be a very long tunnel will take a lot more time and effort than our exhausted collective souls had wished for.

I will not try to sugarcoat the anxiety and doubt I have in our ability to come together as a Collective Society to conquer our nation's ills and our global community at large. I will continue to hold out hope and remember the strength and spirit of those generations and societies that came before us, who fought through incredible struggles and challenging circumstances to land on the other side of hardship and grief. They provided us a roadmap for the lessons learned when we employ strength over fear, love over hate, and democracy over tyranny.

We have an opportunity to honor the struggles and hard work of those who came before us and learn how to avoid our past mistakes from history. To use history as a roadmap for creating a kinder, less violent society that benefits the many and not only the few.

I realize we are all exhausted and "OVER IT."But, the" IT" is not over us. Weariness is not an excuse to retreat from the battlefield.

I ask you to summon the great hopes and wishes you have for better days ahead to help conquer your fatigue and rise up and lean into strength and resilience like all those who have beaten tough odds. Let's keep those dreams alive for brighter days ahead.

We simply must....

It's exactly what Baby will do!




I accept that for as long as our founders' name, Baby, lives in our brand's legacy and heritage, it will always be confused with an infant.

Therefore, as the owners of this 45-year-old fashion house, it is our responsibility to help the public understand that the word Baby is something OTHER than a noun ( a person, place, or thing ), but rather an adjective of the word Baby which describes a mood or feeling. We like to say, " it's the way you FEEL when the right person affectionally calls you Baby . "

We get asked daily What, Who, and Why is it called Baby & Company?

We have come to treat the concept of Baby as a MUSE that our customers would like to emulate or admire in themselves and those we would like to keep company with.

Baby & Company is where fashion becomes personal. Here you gain a greater understanding of your own style.

You come to understand why you've fallen in love (again!) as we share stories of the craft and intention of the designers you admire. And, whether online or in-store, we make it effortless to discover those items you treasure and wear for years.

To do this requires our customers to have the self-awareness, desire, and qualities to help the world know WHAT, rather than WHO Baby is.

We try to demonstrate and describe our muses with those people in our community that represent what it means to be Baby.

This season, our Muse is local artist Jodie Stejer - Jodie spontaneously found our store by following her visual instincts and curiosity. Jodie almost immediately connected to the brands' ethos, spirit, and, most importantly, STYLE. One of my favorite experiences as an owner is witnessing when the store CLICKS with the customer's imagination and sense of discovery. To watch as they find themselves immersed in the sensation of knowing they have ARRIVED in a place they love, as they discover what it means to be Baby!

After spending time with Jodie and seeing how her work is produced and conceived, she was a force to behold as she emerges as a formidable player in the art world.

The MUSES I discover every day and the continued discovery of Baby & Company drive my passion and enduring love for the career that has given me a sense of joy and accomplishment for the 45 years I have devoted to my craft and the fashion industry.

Sooooo.... When someone asks you, "Who or What is Baby and why is it called Baby & Company?" we hope that you feel the love and spirit of our beloved brand by proclaiming, " I am Baby! "





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