The Sunday Guide – February

The Sunday Guide – February


We love celebrating the Lunar New Year as it creates a wonderful reset once all the business of the Holidays are finally behind us!

This year it seems so very fitting that the Spirit Animal of 2022 is the majestic and mighty Tiger!

We all get an opportunity to visualize and absorb all the powerful virtues that are attributed to this mighty beast. For me personally, I try and remind myself that I can always choose strength over weakness, courage over fear as we slog ourselves through the unknown, to realize what is waiting for us this coming Spring. For now, we will dream for warmer days, flowering trees and the offering of green beginnings!

So let’s get a tiger in our tanks and wish ourselves towards reality!




Each lunar new year is represented by a guiding spirit animal: This year the passionate and brave Tiger empowers us to jump into the new and unknown with daring determination to accomplish our dreams and bet on bold breakthroughs. The Tiger hunts for thrill and adventure, so whatever sparks new exploration for you... go wild! In this busy year ahead make time for that purrrfect cat nap, and always channel that inner cool cat when stress abounds!

As Jilly says, We can do this, go get 'em Tiger!

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