The Sunday Guide – March

The Sunday Guide – March


We are two years into the continued feeling of abnormal. We all keep proclaiming to be exhausted, unsettled, frustrated, and basically, "Over it." We have all said it and thought about it over the last several years of political unrest, social unrest, and, oh yeah, a fucking pandemic! I have allowed myself a few too many pity parties, feeling worn down, frustrated, and challenged with reinventing our careers and lifestyles. Until, on a fateful Thursday evening, a war started, and the world seemed to unravel even more. We would all witness a brutal, unnecessary takeover of a sovereign country in the name of power and greed for one person's vision of the world order. Once again, one guy gets all psycho and invades a country because he wants it for himself. The same old story of an Emperor who wants to rule ALL the land. To be clear, this has been happening throughout history, however this time, it is playing out in technicolor, 24/7 in our living rooms and cell phones. We watch helplessly with grief and horror at the absolute slaughter and destruction of an entire country of 41 million people. Imagine, one day you wake up, and just like that, the life you had, your career, family, lifestyle is over, completely taken from you. Again, history has shown us too many of these atrocities to recount and reflect on. We witness this one playing out through all the social media and technology advancements. It's everywhere, all day. As the world slowly tries to come out of a devastating pandemic, all this. Perhaps this will prove the great equalizer that puts us all at the same point of weariness and exhaustion. Maybe it will find us collectively humble and grateful that we are currently safe from a devastating takeover of our country. Again, stop and think about that. An aggressor who thinks "might makes right" storms your country with the intent to beat it into submission and ultimately its surrender.

However, we have also witnessed what sheer endurance, strength, patriotism, honor, pride, and resolve look like in the face of destruction. It has been inspiring to see such courage and bravery play out alongside the horror of this decimation of a country. The Ukrainian leadership and strength come from the solidarity of its people, heritage, independence, country, and flag. Then I ask myself, "How would Americans react to a hostile invasion of our country? Would we disparage and try and weaken our leaders? Would we divide ourselves into Red Americans and Blue Americans? Black/brown Americans and White Americans? Rich Americans and Poor Americans? This is the picture of the current Divided States of America, not the proud symbol of The UNITED States of America. So instead of the USA, we should rename ourselves the DSA. And to tell you the truth, that is what I am OVER! Enough of the hate that has poisoned the body of our government. Enough of the toxic people in leadership that are actively working and fundraising on the concept of tearing our people apart and pitting us against each other in these culture wars. We The People, must tell them to STOP IT!!! We must resist getting pulled into our corners and bubbles and remember what we ALL have in common. We are AMERICANS. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The red, the blue, the black, the brown, the white, and rainbows. Rich and poor. We all have that one thing in common. We are AMERICANS.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Ukraine would have fallen by now if it were divided. Their solidarity is their strength. They are fighting as One United Ukraine, willing to lose everything to save their country and countrymen. For this reason, they have defied the odds and shown the world what true courage, strength, honor, faith, and unity look like.

May we at least take this lesson of solidarity to heart and decide who we want to be, The Divided States of America or The United States of America -

Our Future Depends on it......

We have sourced the following organizations that currently have boots on the ground throughout the regions for donation.

They are:

Mercy Corps Ukraine – link

Global Empowerment Mission – link

Razom Ukraine – link

World Central Kitchen – link

Let's all help...






Since 2012 the Sun Valley Film Festival has invited fans and filmmakers to America's first ski resort to celebrate the magic of storytelling. The year-round Sun Valley Film Initiative develops professionals and illuminates the process of filmmaking, propelling emerging voices with grants and education. Every spring, the Festival celebrates with a slate of cutting-edge films and TV premieres, industry panels, engaging Coffee Talks with entertainment luminaries, a Screenwriters Lab led by award-winning writers, and a series of parties culminating with the spectacular SVFF Awards Bash. SVFF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

The Sun Valley Film Festival invites guests to be a part of the legacy of storytellers, artists, and filmmakers that have defined the town's rich cinematic history. From screenings in the snow to an unforgettable reception at Hemingway's restored hunting lodge, SVFF captures the spirit of a bygone era: one that comes alive for one magical weekend each March as we celebrate the shared wonder of film.

In tandem with the town's cinematic past, the Festival's intimate accessibility attracts industry icons who return year after year, creating a community of artists that define the Festival's unique atmosphere. Festival guests include Hollywood legends such as Clint Eastwood, Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow, Geena Davis, and Oliver Stone, and avant-garde writers and filmmakers like Stephen Gaghan and Mark and Jay Duplass. With over 4,000 yearly attendees, SVFF is quickly becoming known as the Festival for Filmmakers: a boutique event beloved by film fans and auteurs alike.

Schedule: link

Films: link




I look forward to our upcoming Spring /Summer Pop up in May. Dates and location to be determined!

We will have the full Baby & Company Spring Summer 2022 collections + Sale + Closet Sale.

Seattle has become our long-distance lover, and we always feel the much-needed love and affection of all our Baby & Company loyalists - You mean the world to us!

Stay tuned....

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