The Sunday Guide – November

The Sunday Guide – November



Everyone thinks we are crazy for packing up our store and taking it on the road each season. However, this dynamic and flexible business model allowed us to pivot quickly and re-imagine how we bring retail to the customers we have cultivated throughout our time in the marketplace. We made a deliberate decision to meet the customers where they were in the PNW region and beyond from Seattle, Portland, Sun Valley, LA, and now San Francisco.

There is something both scary and exciting about seeking out new areas to pop up because you never know if people will make an effort to seek you out and find you. However, we can honestly proclaim that the theory that says if you "build it, they will come" has proven correct!

We usually seek the advice of some savvy locals to help us choose a neighborhood. From there, we come with open arms and commitment to bring the Baby & Company charm and playful energy to the area we select to bed down and pitch our stakes.

The rewarding part of the whole process is that along with the customers who know us, we always meet so many NEW ones along the way. We can share our story in conjunction with our hand-picked wares, and sooner than later, we feel like locals.

Throughout the journey from point A to B, we get to know the landscape and personality of each state we visit. Cities and counties, both big and small. Rural and urban, bleak and beautiful. Each place tells a story that helps us discover something new about our part of the world and gets us out of our bubbles to understand the changing forces of the times we are living in.

For example, when we announced we were going to San Francisco, people would meet us with a "BE CAREFUL" or "Aren't you nervous about all the crime?" or "Are you sure it will be safe?" and "I hear San Francisco is a mess."

These proclamations came from people who were not from San Francisco and had been to the city for a while. Even more unsettling was the negative attitudes of the locals themselves.

To be clear, like Seattle & Portland, West Coast cities suffered greatly through the pandemic and a summer of protests. And yes, it was scary, dangerous, and, in our case, a reason to leave. 3 years into the fight to bring our cities back, the road has not been easy or certain. The problems of crime, homelessness, and drugs will take a lot of time to solve and get under control. HOWEVER, we have witnessed first hand the seeds of hope taking hold and the innovation and resilience of our cities' residents and leaders seeking change and solutions for the many broken pieces to bring our urban centers back from the brink. It IS happening. We see it and we feel it. While the road back will be hard-fought and bumpy, it is our belief that the turnaround is beginning. San Francisco has a palpable buzz and renewed energy. The parks, museums, public places, farmers markets, and, yes, the downtown business core feel engaged and lively. New projects are in the works. Residents old and young are enjoying their city and all its amenities. Fillmore Street and Union Square are ablaze with lively cafes and restaurants. Indeed, change, hope, and the reimagination of urban centers is happening. However, if we want our cities to come out of this and not just survive but thrive, the citizens and residents need to stay engaged and support the change.

Let's vote for city leadership that supports the vision for our magnificent American cities. While these times for many residents have been excruciating and challenging to endure, keep your eye on the prize – to bring back our beloved cities.

There are plenty of famous quotes that tell us not to run back to the past but instead go toward the future - in other words, whatever you do, never run back to what broke you.

The systems running our infrastructures broke down and need fixing – may we pledge to stop the hostile rhetoric and come together to improve the broken. The negative SPEAK about our cities needs to stop. It begins with us, the residents of those cities. We must begin to highlight the positive, beautiful aspects of those cities we love and choose to live in. Let's reiterate those fantastic features of our hometowns to others choosing to visit and perhaps relocate. The rebuilding begins at home, with us.





Next Stop Seattle!!

Our Winter Pop Up starts November 10 - December 10

We will be located on the NE corner of 1st & Virginia (right across the street from the original B&C)

2000 1st Avenue

11-6p Tuesday - Saturday
Sundays 12-5p
Closed Monday

Susan Wheeler Vintage Home
Red Lemons Vintage Clothing

We always look forward to seeing you Baby! 



Last Call San Francisco - We sure have loved being in the city by the Bay! We could not be more grateful for the incredible reception we received from our customers, friends, and neighbors who welcomed us with open arms!

We will most defiantly be coming back next Spring - (Look for us to be popping up again in late April)!

A Special Thanks to our local partner, Susan Kim and My Dear Tejas for helping make the San Francisco Pop Up come together so beautifully!

She has been wonderful!

We had a ball, Baby!

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