The Sunday Guide – October

The Sunday Guide – October


Moonstruck by Mother Nature's Guiding Light 
The Fall Equinox kicked off with the Harvest Moon (just waning), and the Hunter Moon will grace the night sky October 28
As if knowing the days will soon be shorter, nature reminds us, we need the dark to enjoy the wondrous glow of the Full Moon light.
Oh! Fall - We are ready for you!
“The leaves fall from the trees and the fields stand empty after harvest. The forest animals have fattened upper the winter ahead. The walk between worlds thins as the air cools, and the mist settles across the land.
As the Moon waxes, we honor the year that has been and the plants and the animals that gave their lives to sustain us. We honor our ancestors. We seek their company and wisdom while the shadowlands are near.
As the Moon wanes, we release old griefs, and old family wounds into the growing stillness of the Land, that it may come to rest and transform into something useful.”
What a wonderful time to Re-set.. and buy a new sweater!


Aside from the brilliant transitioning leaves, The Trailing of the Sheep Festival is the highlight of Sun Valley’s fall season. Celebrating sheep and sheep herding traditions, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival offers a unique glimpse into a part of Idaho’s past. Five days of dancing, music, wool classes, lamb dinners, sheep dog trials, and the famous Big Sheep Parade will tantalize the spectrum of senses. The Festival celebrates 27 years, Oct 4-8, 2023. 






My Dear Tejas Trunk Show

Come join us in welcoming back Susan Kim to Sun Valley with her showcasing her upcoming winter collection of SHEARLING coats and much much more.

October 5-8 in the Galleria!







In Memory of Dick Fosbury

Wood River Land Trust - Colorado Gulch Bridge / Fosbury Fund
Buy a raffle ticket for a chance to win a $1000.00 shopping spree at Baby & Company to benefit the Wood River Land Trust. Join Baby & Company to help raise funds for this very special project benefitting the Wood River Community. One of Dick's passion projects was leading a partnership between Blaine County and the Wood River Land Trust, to reestablish access to Colorado Gulch by building a pedestrian bridge over the Big Wood River. Dicks family would love his friends all over the world to help make his dream a reality.
Raffle tickets are $100 each. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the Wood River Land Trust. Additional donations can be made to the Wood River Land Trust towards the “Colorado Gulch Bridge/ Fosbury Fund” to support the project. Ticket sales will run through Sunday, October 8. We will have a LIVE drawing in-store, and you need not be present to win. Purchase tickets in-store or online.
Fosbury moved from Oregon to the Wood River Valley in the 1970s. In 1978, he co-founded Galena Engineering, which today still provides engineering services to public and private clients. He served as city engineer for the city of Ketchum for 25 years. He also served on the Blaine County Planning and Zoning Commission, the KART (now Mountain Rides) board and the board of the Wood River Community YMCA.

In 2014, Fosbury ran as a Democrat for one of the two Idaho House of Representatives seats representing Blaine County, but lost narrowly to Republican incumbent Steve Miller of Fairfield. In 2018—50 years after Fosbury’s rise to fame in Mexico—voters elected him to replace longtime Commissioner Larry Schoen on the three-person Board of County Commissioners, representing the southern portion of Blaine County as a Democrat.

In 2020, Fosbury won a second term on the board.

Former County Commissioner Sarah Michael called Fosbury a “game-changer.” “Commissioner Fosbury was one of my favorite people,” she said. “One of the most positive and optimistic people I’ve ever met. He always had a can-do attitude with a great smile and a great laugh and tried to encourage everyone to look into themselves to find the best in who they are. In this community, he had a tremendous impact—he wanted to contribute here and build up the place he loved.”
Alongside McCleary, former Commissioner Jacob Greenberg and his successor, Davis, Fosbury helped Blaine County navigate the complexities of the COVID-19 pandemic. Among other elements of his service, he was also a supporter of efforts to protect Blaine County’s natural environment and to address the ongoing affordable-housing crisis in the region.

“He was an amazing supporter for housing needs in our community,” said Mary Fauth, executive director of the Hailey-based Blaine County Charitable Fund. “He was essential to those who were disproportionately affected by the struggle to find housing. “He was such a giving person to work with and was always willing to find a solution to bring people together. He was a great bridge in our community for that.” County Administrator Mandy Pomeroy said it was “truly an honor” to work with Fosbury, describing him as “one of the most intelligent, kind, gracious and humble individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.” “His commitment to Blaine County and everyone who lived, worked and visited here was obvious from day one and only intensified throughout his time in office,” Pomeroy said. “Dick made it a priority every day in his work as a county commissioner to do what he could to help as many people as possible here in Blaine County, and always made time to meet with and listen to every member of the public who had a concern.
… I already miss hearing his one-in-a-million laugh throughout the Old County Courthouse and I will miss him every day.”Have a look at the links below to learn more about about Olympic Gold Medal winner Dick Fosbury. These clips will give you an idea of what a great community figure he was, and also how he single-handedly changed the High Jump forever.  We can’t think of an other individual that revolutionized a sport in this manner. Once Dick introduced the Fosbury Flop, it was just a question of time before the entire global field would follow. Today the Fosbury Flop is the standard in Track and Field.


Baby Hits the Road: Fall / Winter PopUp dates 


Here we come Baby! 

Because it is not so easy for many of our most ardent B&C fans to come to us, well, we are always excited to come to YOU!




October 28 - November 6

Baby hits the Bay along with Susan Kim of My Dear Tejas.

3454 Sacramento St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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